How to get reviews for your business

Now that 80% of buying decisions are made online, it's important for businesses that deal with multiple customers--especially those who are serviced based--have a plan for getting and managing reviews.

Establishing a Google My Business Page is a good first step. The page needs to be verified by Google. Google now has a "Google My Business" mobile app, to which they recommend business owners download to manage their listing and reviews. They recommend sending the verification request through the app and confirming the business address with them that way.


Get the app on the Google Play Store.

Once verified, you can share your Business Profile and get recognition from customers. The app will do the work for you, opening multiple channels to share your profile link; text, Facebook, etc.


If you really want to impress folks, try YouTube. If you have a YouTube channel, you can create videos of your customers and their testimonials--that is fantastic marketing! When a YouTube video is streamed through a website it will help with organic search. Here at Thumbprint, we recommend short clip testimonials of your customers and a 1-2 minute video introduction of your business.

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